Choose Your Service

Whether it is for business or personal use we all look for a reliable, fast and secure internet service provider.  The internet is part of our daily lives and there is nothing more frustrating than having a slow connection or none at all.  When it comes to choosing an internet service provider the best choice is the company that keeps you connected without any problems. That is our mission.

Choosing your internet service provider is just the first step now you need to choose the type of service that you prefer.  Speed Messer offers you the choice between broadband, DSL, fiber optic or satellite internet services.  All of these options will keep you constantly connected.  Let’s look at what each option can offer you so that we can get your connection just right.

DSL Services

DSL is a Digital Subscriber Line and your internet is delivered through a phone line.  DSL is our lowest cost option and you can get connected quickly and cheaply but there are disadvantages to a DSL connection.  The further away your home is from the connection the slower your speed will be.  This is ideal for someone who just wants to connect and check email.


Broadband or a cable connection comes into your home through the cable wires.  It is better than DSL and you don’t have to worry about distance in order to get the speed that you need.  If you have a busy family with lots of phones and computers connected then this is ideal.  You can expect speeds up to 100MB/s.  This is perfect for the busy family who stream on plenty of devices.

Fiber Optic

This is the latest in high speed internet technology and it is lightning fast.  It works on a fiber optic network and you can expect internet speeds of 1,000Mb/s that means you can download an entire movie in less than two minutes.  This is perfected for the ultra-connected homes that live online.


Satellite uses a satellite signal and this is ideal for our customers that live in a remote area.  We cover the areas that other internet providers don’t, even if you are in the country we can still get you connected.

If you are a looking for a reliable internet service provider then you need not look any further. Speed Messer has technicians standing by ready to wire your home, we have built our reputation on quality service and stand by our guarantees.